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I wanted to have a journal in my front page that served as sort of a notice, where I have shortcuts and links to my other pages (like my tumblr and, etc), links to my comics (I did a journal on them a long time ago but since I wanted the links to be easily accessed, I reposted it here and deleted the older journal entry. I'll also update this entry as I start/finish new comics and come up with new ideas to start one day), and notices about wether my requests, art trades and comissions are closed or not so that I have less private messages asking me about it. So yup, welcome to my official notice wall because using the journal entries was the best thing to use for this!

My Tumblr: 
Requests and Comissions are still closed
Art trades are open only to friends and watchers
LINKS TO MY COMICS (complete, in progress and to come): 


The Legend of Lux: The Purple Dragoness (incomplete)
Lux is a special dragoness, the second purple dragon. Because of the first purple dragon's mistakes, Lux is forced into a great adventure, while she has to hide from the dark army and the other dragons.

- Aqua and Emerald
A story of the life of Aqua and Emerald, of how they both fought for their dreams to become Guardians and how they became mates even when their love had to climb the highest walls. ( Aqua (oc) x Emerald (oc) )


Stay Villain (complete)
A small doujinshi like comic of Drakken and Shego taking place after the Graduation episode. Made for the "Bring back Kim Possible" prompt. (Drakken x Shego)

- Green and black Heart
Shego Go is an average teenage girl who lives with her four brothers and her parents. But her life soon changes when she and her brothers obtain strange powers as a result of an accident. This is story of the life of the green vilainess,and her turn from hero to villain, how she first met the mad doctor who she'd later work for and why she left her brothers.


Bonding with the Enemy (incomplete)

Four years after the Great War Hermione Granger returns to Hogwarts to be the head of Gryffindor and teach as potions mistress. A job she was able to apply to since the previous professor of that subject, Severus Snape (a survivor of the War and, like her, recognized as a War Hero) was given a post as the D.A.D.A teacher, which he did not refuse. Unfortunately for her, her ex-professor Snape is also the head of Slytherin, ‘Gryffindor’s natural enemy’, and he just doesn’t seem to sympathize with her even as his colleague. And even more unfortunate is that the two will have to be bound together, whether they like it or not. (Snape x Hermione) 


Omega Ruby - The After Years (incomplete)

Maxie was man with great ambitions, far greater than what he could ever accomplish. He learned of his limits when a young girl named May crushed his dreams and fixed his mistakes, preventing his nightmares to become a reality. As he watched May grow to become the greatest champion Hoenn has ever seen, he also watched his Team Magma split and leave him behind. 10 years have passed since the Groudon incident, and now that May resigned from Champion and left the region, Maxie feels like everyone abandoned the only thing he can manage to do is to set out to find his old nemesis, May, and hope the young heroine can show him the way to rise again (Maxie x May)


- Zelda's horrible prisioner days
Ever wondered what happened to Zelda during her prisioner days? Well, while Hyrule was depending on a wolf boy and a twili, she was stuck on her castle with an evil king named Ganondorf (who, to get things worse, she has a secret little crush on) and his child-like minion who still talks to plushies, Zant. Will her Royal Highness survive her prisioner days? ( Zelda x Ganondorf )

- Like Light and Darkness
After the Hero and Princess Zelda sealed the Evil King Ganondorf away in the Sacred Realm, the Hero of Time travelled back in time to regain his lost years of his childhood. But, in his search of a friend, he got lost and was never to be seen again. Ganondorf, due to this, never entered the Sacred Realm in this timeline, and so he was never actually sealed away. But what the princess doesn't know is that he still possesses the memories of this events, and is plotting a revenge in order to conquer her kingdom again. ( Zelda x Ganondorf )

- The Legend of Zelda: The Eternal Curse
The people of Hyrule leaved peacefully in a land blessed by the Godesses, generations after the Hero saved the Light and the Twilight realms form the Dark Lord and his Minion Zant, until the time, generations later, when dark creatures of evil started to appear. One day, her grace Princess Zelda and her guardian Impa found an unconscious man on the Gerudo Desert, who later woke up on Hyrule´s Castle, saved by the Princess herself, with no memorys from his past; except for one memory fragment in wich he remembered the name Ganondorf. After that, a boy dressed in green named Link present himself in the Castle, claiming he had received visions of the Godesses ordering him to ask for help from the Princess to slain evil.


- The organization gets a cat
So, what happens when a Nobody finds a cat and secretly brings it to an evil organization? The answer isn't so clear. And so it starts, an adventure of a little cat found by Demyx on a Summer afternoon on Twilight Town. Will the cat be able to live hidden on The World That Never Was or will it drive all the members crazy?

- Nobodies don´t have hearts
Deep within the organization XIII there are two Nobodys whose paths are strangely crossed. Guided by the memories of who they once were, Saix and Larxene never gave up on trying to get their hearts back. And under a cold surface, they will find if Nobodies have, actually, hearts. ( Larxene x Saix )

- Kingdom Hearts: Tears for Light
The story of a young, strong hearted woman named Nyria who is trying to become a Keyblade Master. But her life changes when darkness starts to spread into the worlds and even into her heart, making her fight her greatest enemy: her own deep darkness.


- The tournament
A tournament is being held on, organized by the Master Hand, and all the Smashers have to participate on it. There will be teams who will fight eachother. The only problem is that the teams are composed by two Smashers each and are chosen randomly (well, some). The weirdest teams are formed and... who will win? ( Zelda x Ganondorf )


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cbpitts Featured By Owner 5 days ago
i love to see the comic emerald and aqua comic that be a good romance comic and show how they became mates and a mother and father and your lux comic is still my number one comic to read
mysteryNobodie Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my gosh thank you so much!!! :happybounce: 
I'm really happy to hear that!
I'm going to finish The Legend of Lux first before I do the one on Aqua and Emerald, and I still have to make some of my other comics and draw some fan arts and etc, but I'll have more time now so I'll try to make more TLoL pages and even finish it!
Then maybe I can still start the one on Aqua and Emerald this year if I hurry up
cbpitts Featured By Owner 4 days ago
like i say take your time don't rush it try and make a schedule for what day you can post a comic page :)
mysteryNobodie Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I will! It will take some time because I haven't drawn the lineart yet, but I already have a draft so maybe in some days ^.^
(1 Reply)
marrua-chan Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2016  Student General Artist
thank you for the fav Llama Emoji-37 (Teehee) [V2] 
mysteryNobodie Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome! Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] 
DarkLordLuzifer Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Would you make a Art trade with me?
I draw something for you, like our both OTP SSHG.. and you draw my HP oc dee...

I ask because ... I really want to see , in your great drawing styles , my Ocs Dee and Samantha beside Severus and Hermione ... that would be so cool. The style is really great .

mysteryNobodie Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Sure thing! I just need you to send some drawings of your ocs for references and I'm good to go! ^.^
And could you draw me my HP ocs too? I have a reference here and for them alone I have these on WillAlex and Eileen...they're a bit old but it's the best I got Sweating a little... 
They're my SSHG fan kids, so if you could draw Snape and Hermione in there too with them, that'd be awesome :D

Also just one thing: I'll be a bit busy for some days so it might take me some more days than my usual 2-3 days to complete, but I'll still try to make it as fast as I can!
DarkLordLuzifer Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes, I'm now soo happy. *dancing*
Of course, I love your next generation. My favourite is Will. I do it, as a family picture?

I'm also busy, because I draw my two other HP ocs. So I do in the moment two pictures.
I send you at the evening Reference pictures.
mysteryNobodie Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, draw them as a family please ^.^
And it's alright, I'll try to start right after you send the references :D
(1 Reply)
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